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Join Vermont PBS' Kids Club!

Join the Vermont PBS Kids’ Club and become a part of a community that connects your whole family to a world of learning and discovery. We invite you to join at the level you are most comfortable:

» $5 per month: NEW! Join our 2019 Birthday Club to see your child's name and birthday highlighted every day during their birthday month on our Vermont PBS Main Channel and Kid's Channel. The Kids Clubhouse monthly newsletter highlights Vermont PBS Family events, the weekly Friday Night Family Night schedule, and more tips and deals all month long. VTPBS Passport with 24/7 access on demand. A benefit for the whole family.
» $7.50 per month: Enjoy all the benefits listed above PLUS the Vermont Kids' Club Adventure Backpack. The first 100 members receive a bonus Mister Chris and Friends Pilot DVD. The Vermont PBS Adventure Backpack Premium includes: 6 activities inspired by Mister Chris and Friends Season 1, Unique Mister Chris and Friends memory stickers, and a special gift and family activity from ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain.